Why It Matters

Mobile App for Your Mobile Workforce

Manage Your Data

  • Reliably collect your field data – no more “lost paperwork.”
  • Place it securely in the cloud and then access from anywhere.
  • Better understand potential issues before they become real problems.
  • Respond to your customer's inquiries – easily forward professional-looking submitted Forms containing the actual data, acceptance/acknowledgment signatures, photos of work performed.

Streamline Your
Field Operations

  • No more Forms on paper sheets & clipboards.
  • Mobile workers now use their smartphone/tablet to capture critical data from the field.
  • Data arrives in seconds from the field – sent directly to the individual(s) in the office who need to see it.
  • “Softly” monitor your operation’s field activity throughout the workday/shift as mobile workers submit forms.

Improve Your Cash Flow = More Profit$

  • Receive the critical data of “invoiceable” work performed minutes after the actual work is completed.
  • Invoice that work throughout the workday eliminating large influxes of work to then be then invoiced.
  • Start your “receivables clock’ minutes after the work has been done and the Form has been submitted rather than days later

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