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What's This All About?

We use “Everyday-Technology” to help your mobile workers collect their data and get it back to you.

We provide your business with a reliable method of collecting from or sharing data with your mobile workers - data that’s critical to both cash-flow and efficiency of your business.

About Us

Bob Albert – Southwest Mobile Apps

With experience in sales, business development, and operations management at the corporate level, (and as an entrepreneur) Bob understands the challenges of making a business successful.

In 1987, with the dawn of the PC, Bob served as the managing operations partner of a four-location computer reseller in Arizona and Nevada. An early adopter of technology, he has learned when to apply it and how to do so in the most cost-effective way.

Bob deployed the enterprise-level predecessors of today’s mobile apps for 13 years with Nextel Communications. He has experience supporting critical processes with sound technologies.

While not all business challenges can be overcome with technology, mobile apps can provide mobile workers with the data support they need in the field. Either helping them capture critical data that you need or provide them with access to data that will streamline your processes and improve your organization’s cash flow.

How Our App Works

  • We design an easy-to-use (“straight-forward”) private custom mobile app for your business containing the same forms that your mobile workers use today.
  • Then, using the private link that we provide to you, your field workers download that custom app onto their smart devices (phones/tablets). This places your custom app on their device along with a custom icon containing your company logo.
  • Your mobile workers simply tap on your custom icon to open the app and select the same form that they have always been using from a menu (if you have multiple forms titles in use).
  • The form is then completed by using keystrokes and/or voice-to-text. Your workers can even add photos they take or customer signatures that they capture on-site.
  • Once complete, it is sent to the office by selecting the “Submit” button.